Izanagi - イザナギ, The Japanese Deity of Creation Aims to Deliver a Secure Platform for Investors. With the Help of Multiple Developers, a Planned Usecase, Audited Contract & Meticulous Marketing, There Is No Limit to How High Izanagi Can Reach.


Why us?

Join Izanagi on a Community-Oriented, Usecase Fuelled Adventure Where Not Even the Sky Is the Limit. Izanagi Believes That a Key Factor for the Longevity and Success of Our Project Is Transparency so This Is One of Our Main Commitments.

With the Help of Multiple Developers, a Game in Development, Planned Utility, Certik Audited Contract, Meticulous Marketing and the Support of Our Amazing Community, There Is No Limit to What Izanagi Can Achieve.



Liquidity on Both Chains!



An Exciting, Replayable 2d Sidescroller with Unlockable NFT Gliders. Progress in the Game to Earn in Game Currency. Use the Ingame Currency to Purchase NFT Gliders That Can Be Resold on a Secondary Market. Compete for High Scores to Earn Crypto! The Game Offers a Free to Play and Play to Earn Option!

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Izanagi Is Developing a High Quality NFT Marketplace Designed Specifically for the Anime and Gaming Niche's. It Will Be Carefully Crafted Around Artists Within These Niche's and Offer Features Unseen on Other Similar Marketplaces.

Features like Otaku Earn That Will Allow Independent Artists to Undertake Paid Work with a Middleman. Quick Minting for Those Less Techincal and a Create Collection Option That Will Allow Users to Easily Generate NFT Collections.

By Making NFT's Easy to Use, Otaku Aims to Capture a Large Market and Make Onboarding onto NFT Technology Much Easier. We Will Co-operate with Other Gaming Projects and Offer Services Unseen Elsewhere That Will Improve How NFT's Work Within P2e Games.

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Izanagi Is Carefully Creating Partnerships Within the Crypto Space, Which Provide Value to Izanagi Investors.

Izanagi Will Onboard MiND’s Staking Platform, Allowing Izanagi Holders to Stake Their Tokens in a One, Six or Twelve Month Pool to Gain Izanagi APY’s. Izanagi Holders Who Choose to Stake Their Tokens Will Also Have Full Access to the Lifeworks Portal, as Will Their Immediate Family Members.

Izanagi and MiND Holders Will Benefit from the Cross Promotion Between Both Communities.

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Lookout for Burn Objectives as the Project Continues to Grow!

1.5 Trillion Tokens Burned Daily as We Lead up to Game Release!

Izanagi Holders Will Benefit Immensely from Lower Token Circulation!


Launched on ETH + BSC


Phase One - Project Launch

Phase One Saw the Team’s Entire Focus Being Locked onto Establishing the Project as One of Great Substance, Delivery, Value and Security. Groundwork Such as Contract Audits, Immense Community Building, Substantial Wallet Burns and Huge Developmental Progress Will Soon Act as the Necessary Launchpad for the Sustained Success of the Izanagi Ecosystem.

  • Bridge Holders to Izanagi - Flawless Execution, No One Left Behind
  • Fair Launch on Izanagi March 8th, 2022 - ETH + BSC, Equal Opportunity Launch
  • Luna PR Onboarding - Global Marketing and PR Agency
  • Coin Gecko Listing - Token Successfully Listed
  • Socials Created - Reddit / Instagram / Twitter / Discord / Telegram (English / Chinese)
  • Medium Page Created - Medium
  • KYC Registered - DEFI
  • Liquidity Locked - ETH Liquidity Lock / BSC Liquidity Lock
  • Certik Audit Underway - Nausicaa Audit Transitioning to Izanagi
  • CMC Listing Underway - Nausicaa Listing for Reference
  • In progress

    Phase Two - Initial Utility Launch

    Phase Two, the Project’s Current Phase, Will Begin to See an Added Breath of Fresh Air to the Project. Sneak Peeks and Progress Reports of the Game and NFT Marketplace Are Showcased, Long Term Marketing Strategies Start to Bear Fruition, the Community Begins to Truly Realise the Incredible Gem They Are Witnessing Being Built Before Their Eyes, and the First Inkling of This Project’s True FOMO Starts to Awaken.

    Phase Two Will Build upon the Pre-existing Marketing and Community Formation Campaigns That Will Have Been Set Underway, Accompanied by a Revision of the Website, Long Term Holder Reward Incentives, Partnership Announcements, and Further Development Focused on Bringing the Project’s Use Cases to a Massive New Audience. Phase Two and Three Are When Things Get Truly Exciting.

  • Market Cap Burn Plan - 1% Burned at 1 Million / 2.5 Million / 5 Million
  • 1st of Many Partnerships Complete - MiND Token Partnerhip
  • Izanagi Game Launch - Launching July 12th 2022! (Free 2P / P2E)
  • Pre-Game Burn Plan - Starting June 6th, 1.5T Tokens Burned Daily Until Game Launches!
  • AMA Lineups - Multiple AMA Lineups as Market Dictates Effectivness
  • Otaku NFT Marketplace - Otaku Is Well into Development, Release Date Undisclosed
  • Celebrity Endorsements - Discussions Taking Place, Celebrities Undisclosed
  • 3rd Utility Announcement - During Game Launch, Nagi Swap was Announced!
  • Forward Looking

    Phase Three - Izanagi Expansion

    Phase Three Will Begin upon the Timely Launch of the Project’s Multiple Use Cases. Release of the Outlined Game Use Case Will Coincide with Renewed Intense Marketing Campaigns, Further Community Reward Programs, Potential CEX Listings, and Further Project Progression. If FOMO Had Merely Begun to Start Kicking off in Phase Two, Phase Three Will Witness Izanagi Rise from the Ashes in a Triumphant Blaze of Glory for Long-term Believers and the Team Alike. Former All Time Highs Become a Distant Memory to Look Back Upon.

  • NFT Project Onboarding - Quick Mint / Work for Hire / Inbuilt Toolset / Flatform Fee Model
  • P2E Integration with Otaku - Izanagi Game + Undisclosed Projects
  • Gate.io Listing - Izanagi's Target CEX from Day 1
  • Mobile Izanagi Game Development - Success of Web Game will Drive Timeline
  • Multiple CEX Listings - CEX's Undisclosed
  • AMA Lineups - Multiple AMA Lineups as Market Dictates Effectivness
  • 3rd Utility Completion - Nagi Swap, Currently Developing
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    Who Are The Team?

    The Izanagi Core Team Consists of Six Key Members and a Copywriter. Each Member, from Moderators, to Developers and CEO, Are Respected in the Space and Harbours Considerable Crypto Acumen in Their Own Right.

    • Gemini, CEO. Drives the Project's Strategies to Successful Completion.
    • Sir Tris, Developer. Legendary figure, no Introduction Needed.
    • Astro, Developer. Main Man at the Helm.
    • Bo, Community Manager. Keeping the Cog's Turning and the Community Happy.
    • Prisma, Advisor. Crypto-whisperer.
    • Mr. T, Lead Mod. He Who Holds Down the Fort.

    Social Media Pushes, News Outlets, Community Building and Rewarding, Partnership Growth, Competitions Etc. Will All Be Targeted.

    Striking the Correct Balance Between the Short-term and Long-term Price Action Is a Main Priority in Our Marketing Strategy to Ensure That All Investors Are Satisfied.